Automate and generate more significant outcomes in Recalls, Patient A/R, Payments, Treatment Plans, Appointments, Insurance Verification, Missed Calls, Forms, EOB Postings. Create customized automation journeys. Digitally transform your Dental practice with automation.

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DentalRobot automates +20 business
processes in six months

See how DentalRobot is changing the game for dental practices across the nation.


Easy and fast automation for dental offices with
Pre-Built Robots, Workflows & Bot Platforms.
Generate bigger outcomes with Automation.

Pre-Built Robots

Easily start your Automation journey with our Pre-Built Robots; built based on our over 20 years of experience operating dental practices. Over 50 Robots available.



Adopt Full Automation workflows like Insurance Verification, Revenue Cycle Managment and much more.

Some of our Workflows:


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Pre-Built Robots or License our RPA platform
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3rd Party companies

New streams of revenue from Automation features.

What problem are we solving?

We solve the problem of automating almost any repetitive manual process. We also solve the problem of enabling automating communication, process, and data sharing among any software used by your dental practice to help you digitally transform it, increase productivity, provide a much better patient experience and reduce costs.

We automate anything that you want to be automated that resides on any computer. We are a Robot Process Automation (RPA) platform.

How is this done?

Very simple by software robots acting like human robots. Our proprietary RPA technology is built for dental offices. We know dental offices and we understand the pain on all the tasks (from simple ones to more complex) that require constant repetition (prone to human error) and interaction and communication with any software and/or computer. We automate these processes.

Do I need automation?

Yes, you do. To compete in 2020 and to move forward, you have to get up to speed on technologies that enable you to automate repetitive manual processes. With all the changes happening in the business of running a dental office, whether you are Solo, Group, DSO/MSO or even a third party, the market dynamics require you to implement automation.

Future proof your Automation 

From Pre-Built Robots for Dentistry to Create your own, DentalRobot is the easiest solution to help practices of any kind embrace Automation.

Specialized in Dentistry

We're the only Automation company specialized in Dentistry. We believe the future of dental operations is with Automation.

Fast to Scale & Implement

From Pre-Built Robots to deploying 100’s for your Automation strategy, your dental office can be automating tasks in a matter of minutes as opposed to months or years.

Save $$ on broken tasks

Automation solves the problem of tasks slipping through the cracks. Software robots now automate repetitive manual tasks.

Proprietary Platform

We developed our proprietary Robot Process Automation (RPA) Platform so we could have a price model that made sense for any Dental Office, regardless of size, location, business context.

Speed in the adoption of new externals platforms

Adopt amazing external platforms so you can increase conversions and outcomes with the speed of automation.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

We provide Data Science as a Service for those practices interested in creating outcomes from all their Data.

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Some of our Pre-Built Robots.
We also license our RPA Platform.

Online Insurance Verification

Automate the daily task of verifying insurance on each carrier’s website. Insurance is verified and the information is provided as an excel or word document, one per patient.


Do you want to personally thank every patient that leaves a good review? Automate the responses.

New patient onboarding

A new patient calls and makes an appointment. Send out personalized forms automatically to each patient as well as follow up with them in case they haven’t sent them back. Automate this task.

Data Quality

Most of the patient data that resides in your Practice Management Software has some common errors (e.g. address incomplete, data of birth missing, correct last name). DentalRobot fixes the quality issues of your Data.

See it in action

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
for Pricing

Our team of Data Scientists, led by MIT graduates, can assist you in analyzing any Data and generating strategies and outcomes.  Want to analyze reimbursements? Want to create a new pricing model for your membership plan? Contact us for more information.

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