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Max 5 Robots
Unlimited Support


Includes Infrastructure

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Parallel Robots




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Two Practices

Max 5 Robots

Unlimited Support



Includes Infraestructure

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More than 2 Practices..

Unattended Robots

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Build and Orchestrate

Your own Robots For those Organizations that wish to use our technology to build their own robots, we license it under different models.

Starting time
Input the time at which the robot should start its tasks. Control what it does and when it ends.
Execution instances
You can choose through which Cloud or OS to work with.
Robot Status
See the status of your robots, how much memory is left, current CPU use and available disk space.
Works 24/7, 365 days a year.
Work in teams
You can connect all your teams to work in select instances and do collaborative work together.

Manage and Control your robots, anytime.

With DOC (DentalRobot Orchestrator Center) you can control the behavior and status of your robots... always.

Integrates with most common OS, as well as the majority of Cloud environments.


What type of practice are you?

DentalRobot is here to help your group practice, DSO, MSO or independent office grow and be more productive.
Today’s dental practices are still running as they were 20 years ago, not much has changed.

Lower Costs
Increases productivity

Some of the processes we help automate

Online Insurance Verification

Automate the daily task of verifying insurance on each carrier’s website. Insurance is verified and the information is provided as an excel or word document, one per patient.


Do you want to personally thank every patient that leaves a good review? Automate the responses.

New patient onboarding

A new patient calls and makes an appointment. Send out personalized forms automatically to each patient as well as follow up with them in case they haven’t sent them back. Automate this task.

Data Quality

Most of the patient data that resides in your Practice Management Software has some kind of common errors (e.g. address incomplete, data of birth missing, correct last name). DentalRobot fixes the quality issues of your Data.

Easy to use

Just press "Play"
and you are ready to go

Cloud or Local Management


Instant Deployment

1-Click execution of dental applications.

Unlimited Support

We develop and customize any robot to your specific needs.

Dental Practice Software Integration
DentalRobot is PMS Agnostic. We can work with any Practice Management System.
Email Integration
DentalRobot integrates with Office365, MS Exchange, G-Suite, and more!
DB Integration
DentalRobot communicates with multiple DB like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.
Objects recorder
DentalRobot allows you to record events in buttons, links, inputs, etc.

Self-serve solution

DentalRobot provides an array of self serve applications for your dental office.
Need a Robot we don't have? No problem, we will build it for free.

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See it in action

The below video is New Patient Onboarding from SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Web. Look how the Robot asks questions to New Patient.

In this video you will find an example of robot use in DeltaDental.

In this video you will find an example of a growth hack on reminders.

Click the above to see the videos of how DentalRobot helps dental offices on some of the following areas:

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With DentalCloud we can deploy and scale 10s or 100s of robots on your DSO, MSO in seconds.

With our Image Docker and AWS WorkSpace distribution, you can have all your robots on the cloud saving you on infrastructure spending for those DSO's, MSO's and Group Practices that need a cloud solution.